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    Broncos Mile High Denver Omelet Burger

    After toying with a few "mile high" ingredients for my Denver Bronco's burger, I found a way to work in the best of the Denver omelet ingredients...and yes, it is a damn tall burger.

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    Indianapolis Colts Fried Pork Burger

    I’d never heard of the fried pork tenderloin sandwich until I started doing research for my Colts inspired burger. Now technically, I guess this isn't a burger, as it's not ground meat, but I gave it try, found the fried pork sando to be absolutely awesome, and frankly didn’t change much. I'm hoping the Colts fans forgive my bit of cheating.
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    Pittsburgh Steelers Primanti Burger

    I'm sure just about every Pittsburgh native knows Primanti Brothers, the sandwich chain famous in Pittsburgh since 1933.  The chain is known as a sandwich shop where fries and cole slaw become part of the sandwich, instead of being served on the side.  

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    Chicago Bears “Chicago Dog” Burger

    It was actually pretty easy to come up with "DA BEARS" burger. The Chicago Dog, a hot dog garnished with just about everything but the kitchen sink, is already world famous...and it's pretty easy to make a hot dog shaped burger.

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    Jacksonville Jaguars Biscuits & Gravy Burger

    I credit my wife, who spent time in Jacksonville, for the Jaguars Biscuits and Gravy Burger.  Jacksonville is home to some great Southern cooking, which is exactly what I tried to create in this beef and sausage burger, served on a fresh baked buttermilk biscuit, with pan-cooked sausage gravy.  

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    Detroit Lions Blues & Better Made Burger

    While I knew early on that my Detroit Lions burger would be a "Blues" burger, I wanted to take it further than a standard blue cheese burger.  A bit into my research, I found out that Detriot is a big potato chip town, and home of Better Made potato chips - ha I have my answer to the kicked up blues burger. 

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    St. Louis Rams Slinger Burger

    St Louis has some great food choices, and it was hard to narrow it down, but once I found the Slinger Sandwich, the Rams inspired burger was as good a made. This version has seared beef patty but you can do it with just about any meat.  

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    Cleveland Browns Polish Boy Burger

    My Cleveland Browns-inspired burger draws on the influence of Eastern European cuisine, as well as good old American French fries!  For my Polish Boy burger, I sear a beef patty, then top it with a helping of Kielbasa, a handful of fries, and a pile of coleslaw.  

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    Seattle Seahawks Coffee & Cherry Burger

    Seattle is a town famous for fabulous, flavorful foods.  It was hard to choose from so many tasty options, but coffee and cherries are two that jump out at me as uniquely suitable burger flavorings.  I make a quick coffee rub, which lends a slightly bitter, smoky, spicy flavor to the burger.  I balance it out with Cherry jam, sauteed with caramelized onions.  

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    Washington Redskins Red vs Blue Burger

    While the Mid-Atlantic has it's own authentic regional cuisine, I couldn't resist making Washington's burger with a political spin.  The Red vs Blue burger uses roasted red bell pepper to provide a sweet and savory flavor (not to mention the color red) to the burger.

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