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Recipes and Techniques

Washington Redskins Red vs Blue Burger

While the Mid-Atlantic has it's own authentic regional cuisine, I couldn't resist making Washington's burger with a political spin.  The Red vs Blue burger uses roasted red bell pepper to provide a sweet and savory flavor (not to mention the color red) to the burger.

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Oakland Raiders Taco Truck Burgers

My tribute to the food truck revolution is a Taco Truck Burger for the Oakland Raiders, since Oakland is one of the early pioneers of Food Truck culture.  My personal creation is a seared chorizo and beef patty wrapped, burrito-style, in a flour tortilla with avocado, cheese and pico de Gallo.  

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San Francisco 49ers Zinfandel Burger

I live in San Francisco, and one of the first "foods" I fell in love with when I moved here was the wonderful diversity of Northern California wine - and so I needed to work some wine into my San Francisco 49ers burger.  Zinfandel is the perfect choice.  I use about a cup, to slowly braise some onions down until they are super tender and sweet - almost jam like.

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Atlanta Falcons Peach & Prosciutto Burger

I knew I wanted to incorporate peaches into my Atlanta Falcons-inspired burger, and I found two ways to do it.  First, I make a fast, easy jalapeno peach BBQ sauce, which brings out the sweet and the heat in both.  Then, I top the burger with raw peaches, which still have their bright acidic flavor.  For a salty complement to the sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, I make prosciutto "chips" (reall

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Kansas City Chiefs BBQ Stuffed Burger

Kansas City BBQ is one of my favorite culinary styles.  And, in my opinion, it's the most versatile, with choices that include pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and pretty much everything else.  These meats are often slow smoked, and covered in traditional Kansas City BBQ sauce, which is made with ketchup, water, cider vinegar, brown sugar, molasses, and spices.  

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Tennessee Titans Pulled Pork Burger

We’re going to start of journey of NFL Team inspired burgers with the Tennessee Titans. The burger is made of ground beef, which I dust in one of my favorite dry rubs, salt and pepper right before frying off in the pan. Before it’s finished, I top the patty with some jalepeno jack cheese, and homemade pulled pork (you can use store bought pulled pork, or pre-cooked rids and shred the meat.

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Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak

When it’s time to cook a steak at home, Skirt steak is very often my goto cut.  It’s a fairly lean cut, that has a ton of natural flavor and is great on both the grill and the stove top.  Generally skirt steak has a bit more flavor, than the more expensive cuts like filet mignon, New York Strip, and ribeye, but is still tender enough to appeal to just about everyone.  It also tends to tak

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32 NFL Team Inspired Burgers

Every team in the NFL comes from a great American city with great culinary traditions!  This football season, I embarked on a culinary quest to develop a unique burger inspired by each of those 32 NFL teams.  For every team I've tried to draw from the regional specialties and the vibe of the...

Ten Twists on Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Perhaps the greatest food holiday of the year, Thanksgiving is the time we all give ourselves permission to over do it. Every year, as the football game sounds in the background, and my belt is loosened a notch or two, a wonderful feeling of comfort, warmth, and satisfaction washes over me, as...

World's 10 Most Expensive Steaks

You may recall the following campaign slogan promoting red meat: Beef.  It’s what’s for dinner.  If you’re anything like me, and I don’t mean intelligent and good-looking, it’s also what’s for lunch, and even for breakfast.

Most beef lovers around the world may have trouble justifying the...