The mango (the fruit, not the SNL character) is one of my favorite fruits.  The flesh itself is a beautiful color, the texture is soft but not mushy, and the ripe ones are sweet and delicious.  However, like avocados, they can be a bit tough to cut.  In this cooking video, I want to show you some knife skills and the cutting techniques to dice them up in no time at all.

How to Dice a Mango

  • Mango's have an oval shaped pit in the middle that is not edible and you need to cut around
  • The simplest thing to do, is to take both sides off the mango, and you'll have two large pieces to work with
  • An important note - the sides you're taking off are the flatter sides - it's easy to see on the video
  • Once you have those two sides removed, you're going to make a series of cuts into the flesh, without piercing the skin
  • Hold one of the mango pieces cradelled in your hand (or on the cutting board if that makes you nervous) and make a series of cuts through the flesh - to the skin, but without piercing it.  The cuts should be about a quarter inch apart; it will probably take 5 - 7 cuts in total
  • Rotate the mango 90 degrees and make another series of cuts perpendicular to the first set; again about a quarter inch
  • You now have dice, which are only connected at the base, to the skin of the mango
  • Now turn the mango inside out, by pushing on the center of the skin side; the dice you just made will spread apart and your piece of mango will become "inverted"
  • Take your knife and saw the dice from the skin at the base, and you've got your diced mango


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