Here is a short cooking video where I show you how to slice an onion.  One of people’s chief complaints about slicing onions, is doing so makes them cry.  Well, the best way to reduce the tears is to move quickly.  And to move quickly, you need to have solid knife skills.  Unlike julienne onions, when I refer to slicing, I’m referring to rings, or half rings, rather than match stick like shapes.  Below and in the video I describe how to do it.

How to Slice an Onion

  • Cut away the top (stem end) and the bottom (root end) of the onion; discard
  • Slice the onion in half from the top to the bottom; now you have two halves
  • Remove the outside layer (the skin) from both halves – it should come off fairly simply, don’t be afraid to take a layer of onion with the outside skin if need to.
  • Find the bottom of the onion halves, where the root is, and using a “V” cut, remove the root – I show you this in the video
  • Place the flat side of the onion down on your cutting board, and using your claw grip (again reference the video) slice down starting at one end of the onion.  Move your knife with each cut however thick you’d like your slices.
  • Each slice will consist of 4 – 6 layers that will easily peel apart into individual slices
  • If you want whole rings, like an onion ring, don’t cut the onion in half.  It will be slightly harder to cut slices as you won’t have a flat side to put on the cutting board


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