Here’s a short video showing a trick I use whenever I need to stabilize a mixing bowl.  You may ask, what do I need to stabilize a mixing bowl? And that’s a legit question.

The most common time I use this technique is when I’m making a vinaigrette – a process that really requires three hands.  You need to drizzle olive oil, you need to whisk the mixture together, and you need to hold the bowl.  Unfortunately, I don’t have three hands, and wife gets mad at me when I use my feet to cook, so I use this trick to stabilize the bowl.  Obviously it’s a good technique for mixing anything together.

There really isn’t anything tricky here, simply use a dish towel to make a doughnut shape, and then put the bowl in the middle of the doughnut, which holds it in place.  Pretty simple, but does make life a bit easier – which I’m all about. 

Main Ingredient: