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Cooking Techniques


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Tennessee is a great state with a great culinary tradition. I love BBQ and I'm paying tribute to the Titans with a Pulled Pork BBQ Burger.Continue Reading...

Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak

If you love steak, and are looking for an "easy" cut to cook at home, look no further. Skirt steak has a ton of flavor and is one of the more forgiving cuts for the inexperienced cook - especially if you marinate it.Continue Reading...

32 NFL Team Inspired Burgers

Every team in the NFL comes from a great American city with great culinary traditions!  This football season, I embarked on a culinary quest to develop a unique burger inspired by each of those 32 NFL teams.

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Ten Twists on Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Perhaps the greatest food holiday of the year, Thanksgiving is the time we all give ourselves permission to over do it.

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World's 10 Most Expensive Steaks

You may recall the following campaign slogan promoting red meat: Beef.  It’s what’s for dinner.  If you’re anything like me, and I don’t mean intelligent and good-looking, it’s also what’s for lunch, and even for breakfast.

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How to Cook Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs might be my favorite cut of the chicken - other than perhaps the skins - if that counts as a cut! They are really very versatile, and work wonderfully with all kinds of cuisines and food styles.Continue Reading...

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How to Clean a Chicken

Here is a simple technique video where I show you how to clean a chicken.  I end up cooking a whole roasted chicken at least once a month, and I gotta say, my least favorite part, every single time, is pulling that chicken out of the bag, getting the "parts" out of the cavity, and getting it clean.  But, you gotta do it and frankly, if your know what you're doing, it o

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How to Toast Almonds

Toast just about any nut, and you bring out the natural flavors and make the taste more intense.  In this cooking video, I show you how to toast almonds.  It’s a very simple technique, but sometimes the simplest things can add the touches that make a good dish, outstanding.  I won’t toast nuts every time I use them, but if I want to ensure a stronger flavor and a nice crunchy texture, this is t

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How to Zest a Lemon

Citrus zest is one of the most under used and under appreciated food items in the home cook’s repertoire.  The zest contains a tremendous amount of essential oils and is very aromatic. A surprisingly small amount can really add a good amount of flavor to a dish.

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How to Bake a Potato

There’s no great magic or mystery to baking a potato.  But there is a bit of magic in how delicious they are.  Baking a potato is one of the simplest cooking techniques out there, but properly cooked, you get a soft pillowy potato that you can add a bit of butter to for the perfect side dish.  And then of course you can also add all those other great toppings, bacon, sour cream, chive, cheese f

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How to Slice Mushrooms

Slicing mushrooms, or any vegetable really, is no great miracle. It’s just slicing vegetables. But I have seen some techniques that truly make me cringe. Most important, using sloppy knife skills and a poor technique can be unsafe, but it can also be slow, and give you an inconsistent finished product, that makes creating a great dish more difficult.

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How to Separate an Egg

Separating an egg is a simple, yet fairly important culinary skill.  While those who bake and cook a lot of desserts probably know the method cold, some of my fellow savory chefs, overlook the need to separate egg yolk from egg white.  Aside from making egg white omelets, there are a number of applications, you may need to separate an egg for.  There are several different ways I’ve seen people

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How to Cook Asparagus

One of my favorite vegetables is Asparagus.  In the Spring time, when it’s fresh, and local, I can’t get enough of it, and I cook it in some way, shape, or form at least twice a week.  Not only is the taste great, but it goes well with all kinds of dishes; from the heaviest red meat, to the most delicate fish.  And asparagus is also really good for you.  But How to Cook Asparagus?  There are a

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How to Cut Corn Off the Cob

I love corn on the cob.  It’s one of the true culinary joys of summer time.  And while I love to have corn on the cob, cooked in the traditional ways…steamed, grilled, roasted with a bit of butter and salt, I also love to use fresh corn as an ingredient in other dishes.  I supposed if I had to, I could use frozen corn (a poor substitute for fresh) or canned (which I don’t know that I woul

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How to Chop Parsley

Parsley is maybe the most ubiquitous of herbs, and I use it all the time…despite my memories of the curly, leathery version tucked into the corners of the buffets of my childhood.  Today, I know to leave the curly stuff in the grocery store and reach for flat leaf, or Italian parsley.  The flavor is actually fairly mild, but it brings that grassy quality of herbs that can be a great addition to

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