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How to Bake Pork Chops

Live NO MORE with dry, flabby, tasteless baked pork chops. Both you, and the pork chop deserve better. The secret to a perfect baked pork chop, is high heat. Gone are the days of cooking at 350 degrees for an hour.Continue Reading...

Tarragon Butter Steak Sauce

A compound butter is one of the easiest steak sauces you'll ever find. Here we show you how to make a simple Tarragon Butter Steak Sauce,with fresh tarragon leaves. The flavor is similar to a bearnaise sauce, but it's much easier to make.Continue Reading...

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Cincinnati Bengals Chili Burger

There were quite a few viable options for my Cincinnati-style burger, but most of my research kept coming back to Cincinnati chili.  So, let's go with it!  For the Bengal’s burger I’m using a beef patty, which I grill to capture that smoky charred flavor.  

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NY Jets Reuben Burger

Great Deli goes hand and hand with New York City, and for the Jets, I decided to reflect that with my Reuben Burger. I use a beef patty (make sure to shape it like the rye bread) which I make pretty thin and sear off in a pan. To reuben-ize it, I serve the burger on some toasted rye bread, and top it with pastrami, melted Swiss, and sour kraut.

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San Diego Chargers California Burger

Given there are 3 California NFL teams, I knew I’d end up making a “California Burger” at some point. The San Diego Chargers get the honor of the state’s namesake burger, if for no other reason, than it’s probably the healthiest burger on the menu, and given San Diego has beach weather 12 months a year, they stay pretty damn fit!

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New York Giants Pizza Burger

New York is among the top tier fine dining cities in the world...but honesting, when I think NY food, I quickly go to the New York Pizza slice.  And how can you go wrong w/ anything pizza related; so that’s where I took my NY Giants burgers. To get as many pizza toppings in as I good, I mixed some Italian sausage with the ground beef to form the patty.

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Houston Texans Queso Frito Burger

Once I saw that Fritos got their start in Houston, the direction for my Texans inspired burger was pretty well set. The burger itself is a straight forward beef patty, seared off on the stove (although the grill would be great too). But of course, we're not going to stop there.  The real action comes in the topping.

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New England Patriots Thanksgiving Burger

I grew up in the Northeast.  For a number of reasons, I associate New England with Thanksgiving.  So I tried to incorporate as many of those flavors as I could into my Patriots burger. For this burger, the patty is made of ground turkey, which I jass up with  several traditional Thanksgiving stuffing ingredients.

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Carolina Panthers Pork Belly Burger

The Panthers are inspiration for another BBQ burger, but this one focused on the pig - a stable of Carolina BBQ.  To work that most wonderful of animals in there, instead of using traditional bacon, I bought some pork belly, which I sliced thick and slowly braised until tender, juicy and so sooo yummy. Then I seared it off on the grill along with the beef patty burger.

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New Orleans Saints Po’ Boy Burger

Leave it to New Orleans to come up with the coolest name for the sub sandwich! My Saints inspired burger is just that – a sub sandwich - or a Po Boy. I seared off a beef patty that I cover with Cajun spice for an extra kick.

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Baltimore Ravens Crab Cake Burger

I grew up in Maryland, and remember tearing into the bushels of blue crabs covered in Old Bay tossed out on the picnic table. So it was easy to choose the Crab Cake burger for the Baltimore Ravens.

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Dallas Cowboys Brisket Burger

I love Texas BBQ Brisket, and I just knew that one of the Texas NFL teams was going to get the Brisket Burger.  The Cowboys drew the lucky card, so I drew my inspiration from the Cowboys.  This burger is made of ground horse meat.  

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