I ended the second week of my cross country trek in Pleasanton, CA; the home of football legend John Madden, and the place named the "wealthiest mid-sized town in the USA" per the 2010 census…I'm sure in no small part to the presence of John Madden…. 

My walk took me pretty much all they way down the Peninsula and through much of Silicon Valley.  I just saw today an article (actually a video) about "Why Everyone Hates Silicon Valley".  I frankly didn't know that was the case…I've been here for 15 yrs, and I think I'm a decently likable guy.  Are you a valley hater?

I made my way across the Dumbarton bridge and passed into the East Bay.  Fortunately, it's Jan here, so the weather's not too hot, in June it can get pretty warm for an SF boy (of course, the Sierra's will be tough!). 

By the numbers, I did pretty well this week:

  • This week I walked 48.11 miles
  • That makes a total of ~66
  • For those interested in my gate, my 48 miles equals about 109K steps
  • My scale has the consistency of a career politician, but seemingly I'm down a pound
  • I'll feeling pretty good

All for now…talk to you next week!